A Look at My Bedroom Makeover!


Hello Everyone! I am super excited to share with you a look at my bedroom. It has been in the works since Christmas holidays when I grabbed my chance in-between school semesters to break out the paint rollers. There is nothing “perfect” about it – the majority of things were found at auctions, in my attic and basement, or DIYed, but I love how it turned out.


I love diy and am so happy with how all my projects turned out and look in the space. Following are details on all of them.


The ceiling light is simply a regular lamp shade upside down with three embroidery hoops holding the many doilies inside. Nothing is adhered so if I ever want to use any of the pieces in the future for something else I can easily. It looks so pretty all lit up. I shared this picture a couple days ago over on my Instagram!



I made this mini sun burst mirror from a broken pocket mirror and wooden skewers spray painted gold. So simple, yet fun!



The above mirror I found in my attic and spray painted black. I also spray painted the curtain rod and sconce lights black – I LOVE spray paint! :) The stretched canvases are Kari Herer photographs purchased at Ikea a couple years back. I couldn’t believe my luck finding them there as I have loved her work for years!




The trunk was given to me by my grandad. As a child he used it to move his belongings to and from boarding schools in Ireland and eventually it came to Canada with him. It even has his initials stencilled on the side – so cool! The quilt on top was made by my mom and turns the trunk into a comfortable seat.

Bedding, desk lamp, and pencil cup are all from Ikea. I’m very happy I chose to layer different shades of white in the room, I think that it is practical and creates a timeless look.


And there you have it! Thank you so much for reading this little blog of mine!  Let me know in the comments if you want more instructions on any of the diy projects.

Have a wonderful week!

xo Laura

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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