DIY Beaded Bar Necklace

Happy Monday all! A couple weeks ago I finally got around to making this beaded bar necklace that I had bought supplies for last June (!) on my road trip to Nova Scotia. I just love the simplicity of bar necklaces. The coral-pink glass beads I used are so pretty! This diy was also super quick – it only took me about ten minutes to make it.

P.S. How lovely is this gilded china plate from my granny!?
Materials needed are: small glass beads, chain, jump loops, a clasp, and some wire.
Prepare your necklace by measuring the chain to the length you wish, cutting it in half, and adding the jump loops and clasp to one end of both cut chains. To make the bar, loop the wire around the opposite end to the jump loop of the chain. Twist the wire loop to secure it’s place. String on as many  beads as you’d like. Finish the necklace off by twisting a wire loop at the end of your beaded bar to the other end of the chain necklace.
So easy and pretty! Have a wonderful week and take time to make something that makes you happy!

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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