Have Peace & Take Heart {An Update}

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing just a short, personal update (some of you won’t care, but I always enjoy reading about the people behind the blogs I read!).

Last year, while I was finishing up high school I was kind of hit by the fact that this period of my life was almost over. I needed to start making some grown up decisions fast. Yikes! I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study. I’ve always loved art and enjoyed learning about business (I read nerdy books on business, entrepreneurship, and finance for fun!). I had been thinking of heading into the hospitality field for so long, but there wasn’t enough of the creative side that I wanted. Some of my favorite creatives, bloggers, and artists studied graphic design. Looking at design programs I realized that every course I would enjoy. I had already been dabbling in teaching myself graphic design skills! So that is where I am headed now.

This semester I am working on putting together my portfolio (if you have tips I would so appreciate them) and working at a not at all glamorous job. I’ve been told many times by different people that the school I would most like to go to is very competitive. There are a lot of applicants, but only a few seats and to be honest, this scares me. What if I don’t get in? Will I attend a school that I’m not totally happy with the program, cost, or location? Worse, what if I don’t get accepted anywhere? Will I spend another year in this “transitional” phase? I am constantly needing to remind myself to “have peace and take heart” (John 16:33). I need to stay present and not get caught up in worry about the future, God already has it planned out!

A couple things I’ve read recently that have encouraged me :

As you go through whatever season you are in friends, have peace and take heart.

    Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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