5 Minute DIY Delicate Crystal Necklace

Today I have a super quick, yet super pretty DIY for you! This delicate pendant necklace made from a vintage swarovski crystal is a lovely touch to accessorize any outfit. They are so simple I’ve made one for myself and one for each of my two sisters.

You will need: A swarovski crystal bead, I purchase a couple vintage ones off Etsy that were very affordable, a prepared chain that already has an end fastener and a jump ring (both you can get at Michael’s).

To make: Pry the jump ring ends open with pliers and slip the ring into your crystal bead’s hole. Lastly, position the chain against the crystal, but at the same time in the loop and use your pliers to close the jump ring – bringing the ring’s ends back together. That’s it! I told you it was a quick do-it-yourself. :)

I wanted to give you a quick update about the blog. Last month I set a goal to post everyday Monday to Friday as an experiment. I did miss a couple days, but for the most part I did a pretty good job! However, by the end of the month I was drained. To every blogger that posts everyday, you are amazing! From my experiment I learned a bit about what I want and don’t want for this blog and for myself. The internet has many talented content creators (just check out Pinterest for proof!) and bloggers love to share these amazing findings with their readers. That is great, but I don’t want this blog to just be a showcase of things already seen everywhere else. What I do want is to stretch my creativity, improve my photography and design, and share the things that inspire me from my real, everyday world, not the cyber world. So, in an effort to do this I will have a loose posting schedule of new content Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Content with usually be photographed by me, occasionally others’, but always shared in the way my eyes and heart view it.

Thank you for reading my little blog! I hope it inspires you to embellish your world by creating pretty, handmade things for yourself and to gift to the ones around you.

*I’m linking this post up to the link parties at With Hope Studios and Coastal Charm.

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