DIY Clay Teardrops Necklace

I was feeling crafty over the weekend and thought of so many ideas of things I could make, more than I had time to make. It’s funny how that seems to always be the way it happens! I did however make a pretty necklace with clay teardrops and I’m going to share the tutorial today…

You will need a gold chain, acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart Sea Lavender), polymer clay, seed beads, and gold beading wire. 

To make the teardrop beads: 1. Shape the clay into a ball, then into an oval. 2. Next shape one end so that it is smaller than the other end, like a teardrop. 3. Lastly, make a hole on the smaller end with a pin. Follow the package instructions on drying or baking your clay.

If you have time and the ingredients you can make your own “polymer clay”. I followed the simple instructions on this blog and am surprised at how well my clay turned out!

Make as many teardrops as you want for your necklace – plus a couple extra just in case some don’t turn out as well!

After I baked my beads I then gave them two coats of paint and one of white glue. I found it easiest to do this step when they were on a pin.

Next thread your teardrops and seed beads onto the wire, alternating each one.

Last step is to make a circle with the wire on both ends that loop into the chain.

That’s it! Lot’s of steps, but all are easy and the end result will be your new favorite accessory! :)

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