Pretty DIY Fabric Flowers

Last week I had to teach a craft to a group of girls. I had seen these flowers done in many different ways on a couple of other blogs and wanted to give them a try! They worked out so well and the girls and I had fun making them so I thought I would share my take on this pretty DIY with you!

To make them you will need fabric that is 100% polyester. Cut the fabric into a couple of different sized circles. The flower I made had three circles that were about four inches across and two circles about three inches across.

Next comes the fun part! To make the ruffled edges of the flower you hold the circle’s edge over a tea-light candle. You will almost instantly see in curve and shape!

After all of your circles have been formed, stitch them all together with embroidery thread. I did a cluster of French knots, here is a tutorial for this stitch.                 

This is one of those projects that you can get creative with variations! With the girls in my group I had them make smaller flowers that we glued to bobby pins, while here I made a larger one to top a gift, you could also sew it to a girls headband, embellish a tote bag, or anything else you can think of! How about a Valentine’s gift?

Check out the craft party over at Bower Power Blog!

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