DIY Goal Notepad {Free Printable}

This past week I read through and wrote out my answers to Lara Casey’s series on goal setting and making things happen. It is refreshing and inspiring so I encourage you to check it out! I also love how Nancy Ray sets and accomplishes her goals. Nancy makes her yearly goals and then brakes them up throughout the year. I’m excited to make things happen this year! 

 To help me accomplish my goals I made a little notepad for me to write down my month’s goals and check off each day I do them. I also left a blank spot at the top to write out a motivational quote, verse or just some of my thoughts for that month. This notepad is simple to print out and put together! Here is how to do it: 

Start by downloading the notepad’s design found here, and print 6 copies. Cut out all twelve and stack them. Try to perfectly align the sides and then clip to hold it temporarily together. Coat the left side’s stacked ends (as seen above) in a thick layer of white glue. When the glue has dried give it one more coat.
To add a pretty touch and to hold the notepad more securely together I painted a strip of elastic in Martha Stewart Multi-Surface acrylic paint. After the paint dries coat the elastic in white glue and cover it in glitter, when the glue dries cover the whole elastic with another coat of the white glue to secure the glitter in place.

Next cut a piece of chipboard the size of your notepad. I punched two holes in the chipboard to thread the elastic through and secured it with double sided tape. Lastly I used the double sided tape to attach the notepad under the elastic and onto the chipboard. When you need to start another month of goals simply move the elastic and rip off the last month.

My goals for January are:

    Spend time reading the Bible morning and night (I’m doing the Bible in a year challenge to daily get me in God’s Word).
    Exercise Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
    Consistently blog three times per week!  Preferably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
    Practice the piano everyday (I’m taking my grade 8 RCM exam this year).
    Get comfortable using the Canon Rebel I got in December (Next week I’m beggining a photography course!).

Have a wonderful weekend friends! And remember to hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection this month.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Goal Notepad {Free Printable}

  1. Thank you so much for sharing FREE printable and how-to for making a notepad! To be honest, I need to stop looking for habit trackers and start actually DOING the habit I want to develop.. But, that’s my problem. Anyway, Thank you so much!

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