DIY Feather Earrings

        I’ve been a bit undecided about the feather trend, but I actually am starting to get more into it!  So to stay on the safe side I thought I would make some feather earrings. They were super quick and easy to whip up! You can decide whether they are cute or not! ;)

I began by cutting the feathers to the size I wanted.

Next I painted the feathers. When I painted them the hairs stuck together, this made the feathers into a pretty shape that I liked.

While I waited for the feathers to dry, I placed a bead onto a piece of wire and twisted around it to secure it.

I then added some more beads.

I topped the beads off with a crimp bead and threaded the feather through. Then I crimped it with pliers. Lastly I attached the wire to the earring hooks.

What do you think about the feather trend? Are you jumping in at all? Or waiting for it to pass…

Have a great Monday!

5 thoughts on “DIY Feather Earrings

  1. Your earrings turned out great! I love the color scheme you chose for them…nice contrast to the turquoise and earthtones I recall of the feather jewelry from my younger days.
    I love the shot of the painted feathers!

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  4. I love these! Definitely going to try and make some today. I love that they look different to other feather earrings out there. For me, most feather earrings look too similar and don’t stand out as much, but these are so great and the idea of painting the feather is genius!

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