DIY Fabric and Paper Flowers


     I love having flowers in the garden to cut and place in a vase!  They always brighten up a corner.  But in the winter I have to get resourceful and craft my own flowers!

     First, I began by sticking fabric onto the backside of decorative paper with spray adhesive.  I had a picture of this but mistakenly deleted it as I was clearing photos of my camera! :(

     Then a traced three-inch circles onto the paper and cut them out.

     After that I punched holes into the center of the circles with my handy Martha Stewart Crafts screw punch (love this tool!).

     Using scissors I cut four lines towards, but not all the way, to the center holes.  Then I rounded the corners to make petals.

      With floral tape I wrapped a small piece around the top, creating a knob.  I strung four to five of the petal circles up to the top.  Lastly I finished it by completely wrapping the stem in tape.   I also fluffed the petals by bending some up and down and giving a bit of curve to others.

    With Valentines Day coming up they would be a pretty and thoughtful gift for a friend!

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