Gift Wrapping

     I definitely love getting out papers, ribbons and other things to wrap and embellish a gift!  It is like crafting, but much easier.  It doesn’t take long at all for me to figure out how I want it to look and go for it, though that doesn’t mean it will look exactly like I wanted it to!

     A couple of weeks back I picked up some Martha Stewart Crafts glitter paint.  Since then, I’ve used it on many things, I love it!  It is great how it works on so many different surfaces including fabric and glass.  Here is a tutorial for a similar tissue paper flower.


And here is the finished wrapped gift!  Now that I’m looking at these pictures of it, the colours remind me of the 4th of July!  Hopefully, being Christmas time, the receiver won’t think of that!

This week is busy, holiday shopping, Christmas parties, graduation party for my sister, oh, and school on top of it all!

13 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping

  1. This is super cute! Simultaneously you made me miss math class? What the hell? Graph paper… damn you.

    I was the OCD girl who “studied” by re-writing my math notes in ink and color coordination until it was perfect. If I messed up I had to start over. Yup, I’m a weirdo haha.

    a cup of subtle tea

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