Empty Frames and Wall Decals

You may remember this memory board on the shelf above my bed before the new DIY art.  Since then it has been sitting in my closet.  Because I couldn’t think of a home for it I decided to give it a makeover and add it to the wall! :)

(Left to Right – Lemon Tree Creations, Desire to Inspire, Martha Stewart)

After a fresh coat of white paint I tried to think of something to put in it. However, I didn’t have much success!  After scouring Pinterest for ideas I discovered that empty frames are just as great as filled ones!

This is how it looks right now!  I think it looks way  to empty, but I found some ideas for filling it.

I thought it might be cute to tape some photos and scraps in.  These beautiful wall decals from Shannah Murray Illustrated would be the perfect touch!

9 thoughts on “Empty Frames and Wall Decals

  1. Everytime I go to a thrift shop i always keep an eye out for frames. there are LOTS of old pictures there, and most of them have an ugly photo or painting it it, but sometimes you can find really beautiful frames! i just buy the frame, and throw out the picture! presto! you now have a beautiful frame that you can fill with what you like!

  2. I’m always inspired by this blog. I love the frames idea. And the fabric decal is lovely too. I’ve been thinking alot about props for photos lately and I think I’m going to have to go thrift store shopping!!!

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