Chic Painted Pencil Case

Today as promised, I have a craft tutorial using pinks and browns because of my recent craze over this colour combination!  And I threw in a bonus, super quick craft at the end!!

This pencil-case was a really enjoyable craft to do.  It has both sewing and painting involved, but don’t worry if you aren’t  good at either of those, this is really a simple project!

First step is to make the case.  Cut from heavier weight fabric two 3 by 9 inch strips.  Fold down 2 and a 1/2 inches on one of the strips, then pin both strips together.  Have the fabric’s fronts on the inside, facing each other.

Next, using a sewing machine, sew from the top of the folded end, around the edge, and back up to the other side of the folded end as shown in the far left photo.  Now tun the inside out.  Then fold in the top edges that are sticking out and sew along one side, over the top, and back down the other edge, creating a piece that will be used as a flap.  Trim all hanging threads.

And there you have the completed pencil-case!  You could also make some other kind of pouch, an iPod case, or a case for your knitting needles, this way.  Be creative!

After finishing sewing the case, decide what kind of pattern you would like to create and then mask it off using masking tape.  Make sure to cover everything that you don’t want painted.  Using spray paint (I’m using gold), spray the fabric.  It is up to you how much you want it painted, I gave mine a light covering so that it looks like it is covered in many small sparkles, but I can still see the fabric’s original colour.

I then put some acrylic paint in pink and yellow around the making tape’s edges, just to give it some more colour!  Once dry (it will dry quickly) peel off the tape to see the pretty pattern created!

Super simple and easy to make, yet it is quite a style statement!  I especially like how the gold looks on the brown, very chic.


While I was outside spray painting the pencil-case I decided to spray paint some leaves!

Aren’t they pretty?  And how cute would they look scattered on a Thanksgiving or fall dining table?!

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