Craft Room Ideas

My craft area is in desperate need of some tidying and organization. I’ve gone in there a couple times to start the process, however I always left the room in the same messy state!


This is all to true, though I wish it wasn’t!

I found some different craft rooms and organizing ideas that hopefully will inspire me to tidy up my craft area!






8 thoughts on “Craft Room Ideas

  1. Hey Laura, I just wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog the other day. :) So glad you liked my daughter’s room and decor.
    Those craft room inspirations in this post make me green with envy. :) I too am way messy and unorganized when it comes to my crafting. Hehe.

    Thanks again for dropping in.

  2. Hi Laura – love your blog. My office/craft/artwork/studio needs some help as well. These shots are very inspiring. I think, however, that creativity is messy and not organized. I create artwork and finishes for part of my business – and I have pots of paint and plaster and brushes and trowels and tints on the floor…on my project table etc and sometimes I’m tired afterwards and I don’t want to clean it up right away. Creativity is exhausting. And then I have mood boards to create for my interior design clients – and then I have to go to the kitchen table or my island to do that because my studio looks like who done it and ran!

    Maybe my studio will look great one time a year – when I take a picture of it!!! That’s about it! But – I do aspire to be neat and organized. I just don’t think it’s in my genes! Is anybody else like me?? I think…yes!


  3. I am that same point right now; trying to organize my room. It also needs to be child-proof. I don’t know when or how it jumped track. Not even 6 months ago, it was perfectly organized and inspirational for crafting as well as a safe place for the grandkids to play. Now, it looks like the season finale of Hoarders. I can’t blame it on kid stuff because they and their toys no longer go in there. I was browsing for ideas and came upon your blog. I love the ideas you’ve gathered. Oh, to have a craft room so cute as the one above with the tufted chair or a designated wardrobe to organize the smaller items would be most awesome.
    Hopefully, by the end of this weekend, it’ll be back to at least what is was if not better.

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