Fabric Birds

Aren’t these fabric birds just adorable?! They look great sitting on a branch and hanging from the ceiling.

I got the pattern from Spool Sewing, a beautiful sewing and quilting blog.

Thank you Spool Sewing!

You will need,

The pattern, free from Spool Sewing



Pins and needles


Fabric stuffing

And a sewing machine

Step one:  Cut out the patterns and pin down the bird’s body onto a folded piece of fabric. Make sure the bird’s back lines up to your fabric’s fold.

Pin the birds belly onto another piece of fabric.

Step two:  Carefully cut out the bird’s body and belly.

Step three:  Pin the birds belly, front side of fabric facing down, along one edge of the bird’s body, as shown on the pattern.

Step four:  Using a sewing machine, stitch from the top of the birds belly all the way to the bottom.

Step five:  Pin the other sides together.

Step six:  Do the same thing as you did at step four. Stitch from the top of the birds belly all the way to the bottom, leaving the end of the tail open.

Step seven:  Pin the two sides of the head together.

Step eight:  Using your sewing machine again, just above the belly stitch from the neck all the way until the top of the head.

Step nine:  Bring the bird right side out so that the seams will be on the inside.

Step ten:  Stuff the bird with your fabric stuffing.  You may find it useful to use a pencil to help push the stuffing into hard to reach places.

Step ten:  Hand sew the tail closed.

I spray painted a branch and tied two birds onto it to hang from the ceiling.  You may need to use a small amount of hot glue from a glue gun to secure the birds.

You could add more branches and have more colourful birds perching on different floors!

It would look fabulous as a mobile in a child’s bedroom!

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