Pinterest Challenge: DIY Wall Art

Last week Sherry from Young House Love announced a Pinterest Challenge!  The only rule was that you needed to take something you pinned and give it your own spin.  It sounded like fun to me so I thought I’d join in!



These are the images from my Pinterest board that I used for my inspiration! (Click on the each image to go to the pin.)

And this is the finished product!

To create your own wall art…

Measure where you want your white stripes to be positioned on a canvas.

Using making or painters tape, mask out your design (I’m did a chevron design).  Because my tape was an inch thick, I cut it in half using a ruler and craft knife. I know that you can buy half-inch masking tape, but I just made do with what I had on hand!

Next I spray painted the canvas with gold spray paint so that I would have a gold background to my painting.

Using acrylic paints, I then layered colour onto the canvas.  Try different brushes and experiment with how you move the paint on the canvas, have fun!

When dry, peel the tape back to reveal your design!

And because everyone loves a before and after,

The shelf before was a bit to cluttered, the update is a nice change and freshens the shelf up! (The pretty picture in the white frame is another DIY art I made by printing an image on printer fabric, you can find the tutorial here.)


If you are wanting to join in on the fun with a Pinterest account let me know in the comment section and I’ll send you an invite, as it is by invitation only.

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87 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: DIY Wall Art

  1. love this! i’ve been wanting to recreate your first inspiration image as well – after seeing how wells yours turned out i just might have to make it happen now.

  2. I saw your link on YHL and had to stop by!

    Oh. My. Goodness. The second I saw this art on Pinterest, I pinned it and bookmarked the site. I showed my husband because the prints are actually really affordable (which is hard to find with art I like), but he said he didn’t like the colors. Now you have inspired me to try to sway him to let me recreate it with different colors!

    Yours turned out beautiful! I am seriously drooling on my keyboard, I love it that much. Haha!

    I joined up for the challenge as well. You can check out my post if you would like here:

  3. I’ve got the original pinned, but had put it in the ‘too hard basket’. You’ve made it look so easy though! I’m definitely going to give it a go now. Thanks for the DIY :)

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  12. I would LOVE an invite to Pinterest! Just heard about it today and have already seen some amazing things including your oh so cool chevron art!! Great job!!

  13. Completely stumbled upon your blog today and am in love with this project! Great job and great use of color! Could you possibly please re-post your initial inspiration link for the very top photo? i wanted to try to get a closer look…
    And oh, if it isn’t too much trouble, may I twist your arm for a Pinterest invite? :)

    Thanks so much!

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  19. This is so cute ! I love chevrons.
    It seems easy to do but measuring and me makes 10, so the masking tape phase is kinda of a challenge for me :( (placing the verical strips, ok, then ? argh).
    thanks for the tutorial !

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  21. Reblogged this on Karissa Ernst >>> and commented:
    Totally going to do this tonight. I love the neutral colors and almost water marked transition between the shades of pink, purple, cream and orange. I’ll replace the orange with yellow though to match my room a bit more.

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